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Media Kit

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Product Shots
rooftop wind turbine back Back View
Dimensions: 4256x2848
Format: JPG
Size: 4.43mb
Bernoulli effect Bernoulli
Dimensions: 811x518
Format: JPG
Size: 31kb
wind turbine installation Installation
Dimensions: 4292x3168
Format: JPG
Size: 3.68mb
windcube nacelle Nacelle
Dimensions: 4256x2848
Format: JPG
Size: 3.72mb
industrial wind turbine Side View
Dimensions: 4256x2848
Format: JPG
Size: 5.57mb
Sky Line
Dimensions: 2064x1378
Format: JPG
Size: 2mb
Retail Location
Dimensions: 720x546
Format: JPG
Size: 281kb
Education Institution
Dimensions: 720x531
Format: JPG
Size: 265kb
People Shots
Mark Cironi
Dimensions: 3448x2495
Format: JPG
Size: 3.95mb
Green Energy Technologies Green Energy Technologies Logo
Dimensions: 491x180
Format: EPS
Size: 183kb
Windcube wind energy system WindCube Logo
Dimensions: 583x115
Format: EPS
Size: 188kb

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