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The Wind sphere & RECs

What is a Renewable Energy Credit (REC)?

A Renewable Energy Credit (or REC) is proof that 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) was generated by a renewable energy source. RECs are also know as Green Tags, Renewable Energy Certificates, and Tradable Renewable Certificates. These certificates can be sold and traded and the owner of the REC can claim to have purchased renewable energy. While traditional carbon emissions trading programs promote low-carbon technologies by increasing the cost of emitting carbon, RECs can incentivize carbon-neutral renewable energy by providing a production subsidy to electricity generated from renewable sources.

What is the difference between the compliance market and the voluntary market?

A compliance market for RECs corresponds with a state's renewable portfolio standard (e.g. A State mandates 20% of electricity to be produced by renewables by 2020). A voluntary market exists due to the demand from various entities wanting to "go green" (e.g. Whole Foods voluntarily purchases renewable energy credits to offset 100% of their electric usage).

How many RECs does the Wind Sphere™ produce?

A Wind Sphere™ 35kw wind turbine that produces 70,000kWh (or 70MWh) annually will produce 70 RECs. Unless otherwise stated in an incentive program, the owner of the Wind Sphere™ owns the RECs.

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