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Installation Process

Green Energy Technologies' goal is to provide a quality experience through all phases of the installation process - from initial site analysis to turbine commissioning. We know that implementation of building-integrated projects can pose unique technical and logistical challenges. Through our turnkey approach, we take charge of planning, technical design, installation, and project management details, ensuring a professional installation at your site.

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Is it right for me?

Fill out the Pre-Feasibility Study Questionnaire

Start the Feasibility Study

The Paperwork

Rebate or grant application Connection application with your utility

Building permit:

  • Structural assessments
    (rooftop units)*
  • Soil samples
    (tower units)*

FAA permit - Rooftop units over 200-feet tall

Assess financing options
Determine side panel graphics


Installation of your mounting frame or tower
Installation of the Wind Sphere™

Connections to meter (i.e. local power grid)

Generate Electricity

Realize a credit on your bill
Extended Service Plan support through Remote monitoring.

*Not included in Feasibility Study Price.